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May 27, 2005 The ACX Kitty Kat "Semi-AEG" has been released in South Korea. The gun is basically a 1:1 AEG that deploys the BOYS architecture (6 x AA cells, the BOYS style safety button, and a mini plastic mechbox). It does include a 300 rd hi-cap mag.


May 27, 2005 Release 2 of the Practical Springer Upgrade title is now available. We have merged all the previous errata into this release for improved content accuracy.


May 26, 2005 Release 2 of the Practical AEG Upgrade title is now available. We have merged all the previous errata into this release for improved content accuracy.


May 25, 2005 Some of our editors are working on a highly secretive AUG project. Will try to grab more info... 

May 21, 2005 We have been asked whether the CA M15s really worth the $. As of today, we have not formally evaluated any of the M15s yet. However, FYI comments from a M15 owner is enclosed:

The gun is as far from perfect as it gets, without losing enough status to be left as an instant classic.

With as many people as have this gun, it's a wonder that CA hasn't fixed the countless flaws with it.

To be honest with you, the gun has more problems than my car, and the gun isn't 40 years old yet. But, with the few quick modifications we've performed, it's solid for the time being.

I like the gun; don't get me wrong, but it's well flawed.
It has attitude, to put it in a more likeable terminology.

We have contacted CA but haven't received any reply. Will keep you guys updated.


May 17, 2005 We found that the ICS steel-alloy based stock gears (the sector gear and the spur gear in particular) are pretty good for the price. They are more solid than the TM gears, and can sustain highly stressful configurations. BTW, this is not an advertisement, just FYI only.


May 16, 2005 It's time to celebrate! Over 1000 copies of our Practical AEG Upgrade title were sold since March :)


May 12, 2005 The development of our M4/M16 handbook is in progress. There is no scheduled release date yet, but we are trying hard to make it available before the end of this summer.

Same for the MP5 handbook. Sorry for the delay :<

Click here to visit our in-progress picture gallery.


May 11, 2005 Many upgrade service providers refuse to service non-TM AEGs. They generally believe that non-TM AEGs are junks and are not serviceable at all.

Well, even though many of the non-TM guns are inferior quality-wise, our belief is that a good gunsmith should be capable of fixing and upgrading any gun. Below shows an Academy MP5 upgraded by one of our editors:

This baby is now equipped with an ICS hopup unit, a TM sector gear, metal bushings, and a slightly shortened M120 spring. Still powered by the stock EG560 and a 8.4V Sanyo, the gun shoots at ~360fps with a ROF of 23 on average. Pretty good isn't it?

Below shows the gun in its original form. Quite a difference!


May 9, 2005 JungleToy has an article titled "Changing Polymer Internals with ICS Metal Internals" on its web site. It talks about replacing the plastic internals of a cheap CYMA MP5 SD5 AEG with the ICS metal internals.

Frankly, the CYMA MP5 SD5 AEG is a piece of junk. However, it does have a pretty solid lower receiver. We tried to use this receiver to replace the ICS one but failed due to significant differences in size and shape. We then tried it on a TM MP5 and it worked fairly well (with some glitches though):

First of all, we had to do minor cutting on the receiver to make it fit (if you have one on hand you will know what I mean). Secondly, it's color scheme was found to be incorrect (see below for a comparison between the CYMA one and the TM one).

Thirdly, the hole for the selector nut was too big, thus making it possible to rotate the selector freely without limits (it did not cause any damage to the selector plate though). 

Finally, the screw holders on the hand grip (for affixing the motor plate) were found to be fragile - they can easily break if you screw it too tight.


May 8, 2005

Below are the pictures of our upgraded Academy L85A1 (SA80) AEG. Code named SA80 Shorty, this not-for-resale AEG is equipped with a FAMAS compatible gearbox, a PDI 120% spring and a TM MP5K short barrel. A fairly good ROF of 20 rounds per second was demonstrated. One major shortcoming of this AEG is the use of a fixed hopup unit, which is quite inflexible. Also, several field skirmishes showed that dust can go inside the gearbox easily through the openings of the gun body.

May 5, 2005 Snowman has reviewed our Practical AEG Upgrade title. Here is the link to his site: http://www.justpistols.co.uk . The link to the review is: http://www.justpistols.co.uk/kit.htm .

Thanks very much snowman :)


May 3, 2005 We will soon be getting new AEG units (the newly improved AR15 and a new M4) from Cybergun for in-depth review and evaluation. Stay tuned ...


Apr 20, 2005 Our editorial team has made the decision to EXCLUDE the Deepfire line of parts from any of our current and upcoming review efforts. As a responsible publisher of true and unbiased airsoft information, our team members cannot recommend any product which we think might have come from an unreliable source.

We contacted Deepfire almost a month earlier regarding the possible inclusion of their parts in our piston set evaluation effort. We have been told initially that they would like to join. And guess what? At the very last moment a tech buddy from Deepfire told us in a very polite manner that all the parts were shipped for meeting the demand of their distributor, with no sample unit left for evaluation. ??????

A small company with no PR and no evaluation unit - can such a setup produce products of consistent quality? We doubt it. Since their products are not cheap at all, why take the risk? The market is full of reliable alternatives from ICS, Systema, LayLax and the like anyway.


Apr 14, 2005 We are conducting a major piston set evaluation session for AirsoftInsider. The goal is to find out if the following factors may influence the test results:
  • test platform - do they perform differently on AEGs of different makes? 
  • workmanship - are their relative performances gun-smith dependent?
  • power level - do they render consistent performance across different power levels?

Evaluation of this sort is expected to be highly time consuming. We will try to get this done ASAP...


Apr 2, 2005 A new web project, code named AirsoftInsider, is in progress. AirsoftInsider is sort of like a review-the-reviews site. More information about this new site will be announced shortly.


Mar 28, 2005 We have made the decision to delay the release of several of our titles. We need more time to do a better job :) We are also waiting for the evaluation units of several manufacturers. Nowadays there are so many variants of the M4 / MP5 AEGs, and we need to figure out a good way to have them compared and evaluated fairly.


Mar 18, 2005 We have received requests for coverage of the TM AUG. Currently we do not have any AUG on hand for evaluation, but we are working hard on getting a brand new unit from our supplier. Yes, we believe that the TM AUG is a cool gun, and we are also looking forward to the release of the Classic Army AUG (the market needs competition - a TM monopoly is not healthy for the industry as a whole).


May 4, 2005 Just for fun, here is the link to a number of Airsoft related Q/As.



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